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Coronavirus: How is your organisation reacting as the crisis intensifies?

The global spread of coronavirus continues to cause serious logistical and operational problems for businesses, as well as putting extra demands on HR to deal with the physical and emotional toll. As the UK government rolls out unprecedented measures to close schools and businesses, enforce social distancing and support firms through financial hardship, People Management wants to understand the ever-evolving picture of how employers are responding. Please take our third short, anonymous survey to help give fellow HR professionals more information about how their peers are reacting to events.
1. Which of the below best describes your approach since the government’s strict lockdown measures were announced on 23 March?
2. How clear have you found government advice on which workers are classed as key workers and which businesses classed as providers of essential services or goods?
3. Have you taken, or do you intend to take, any of the following measures in response to workplace closures and/or a financial hit to your organisation? (Tick all that apply)
4. What level of permanent redundancies, if any, do you anticipate making in total?
5. What level of temporary layoffs, if any, do you anticipate making in total? 
6. Which of the below governmental measures to lessen the impact of the virus on your organisation will you utilise/ be able to utilise? (Tick all that apply)
7. How are you responding to school and nursery closures in relation to staff who are working parents? (Tick all that apply) 
8. Which of the below best describes your approach to working with self-employed freelancers now?
9. Will you still be hiring new employees over the next few months?
10. Have you onboarded new starters remotely since social distancing was rolled out?
11. What are the five main challenges you face with staff working remotely? (Tick no more than five)
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12. Are you delivering training remotely?
13. Which of the below best describes your approach to conducting remote internal meetings and events currently?
14. Which of the below have you used to check how staff are feeling about new working arrangements and/or the coronavirus situation more generally? (Tick all that apply)
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15. Would you consider allowing more staff to work from home or unconventional hours if altered working arrangements prove a success?
16. What would you say is your organisation's main challenge around dealing with the outbreak? (Tick all that apply)